5 course Japanese dinner

Niseko Gourmet’s traditional Japanese course menu is presented by black tea master, culinary instructor and former recipe columnist Mikako Murai.

Her menu has been thoughtfully planned with balance using the Buddhist philosophy of five elements of colour, cooking methods and taste.

Choose one dish from each starter, rice, meat, fish course and dessert. Please choose only one of each course per group reservation.

The 2019-2020 winter season menu sees the arrival of 'additional plates' with some exciting new dishes including Hokkaido's Ishikari miso flavoured nabe and sashimi salad.

Starter course

  • Kinpira renkon, sato imo, ingen no shiraae
    Sauteed lotus root, taro, green beans with sesame tofu sauce
  • Imomochi, kinpira, hourensou pinattsu
    Hokkaido style potato cake, braised burdock root, spinach in peanut sauce


  • Buri no teriyaki
    Teriyaki yellow tail
  • Chan Chan Yaki
    Hokkaido style salmon with vegetables and miso
  • Tara no mushiyaki
    Cod with soy butter sauce and vegetables
  • Hotate bata
    Scallops sauteed in butter and soy sauce

Rice or noodle course

  • Oshizushi
    Pressed sushi
  • Gomoku chirashizushi
    Sashimi over rice
  • Okinawan taco rice
    Taco flavoured beef, lettuce, tomato and avocado over rice
  • Sapporo style ramen noodle salad
    Cold ramen noodles, boiled eggs, tomato, capsicum and greens in a creamy sesame sauce
  • Udon salad
    Cold udon noodles, avocado, shiso, tomato and greens with canned tuna and wafu dressing

Meat course

  • Buta no kakuni
    Braised pork belly
  • Hokkaido zangi
    Hokkaido style fried chicken
  • Gyubara miso nikomi
    Beef braised in red miso, soy and mirin
  • Gyoza
    Pork and cabbage dumplings (5 per person)

Dessert course

  • Kinako pudding
    Soy bean pudding
  • Daigakuimo
    Caramelised sweet potato
  • Kinako ice-cream and kuromitsu sauce
    Soy bean ice-cream with brown sugar syrup
  • Yuzu Keki
    Yuzu pound cake with yuzu icing

Dessert is served with smoked black tea or green tea as matched by tea master Murai San.


For the 2019/2020 winter season Murai San is offering a selection of specialty dishes to make your evening even more special.

  • Beef hobayaki
    Miso marinated Hokkaido wagyu apple beef cooked on the teppan plate
    2,100JPY per 100g. Minimum order 500g.
  • Ishikari nabe
    A specialty of Hokkaido, Ishikari nabe is a beautiful combination of pieces of salmon with Kutchan potatoes with vegetables and tofu in a delicous miso broth
    2,100JPY per person
  • Sashimi Salad Maguro tuna, salmon, scallop, flounder and salmon roe on a wasabi dressed salad
    2,600JPY per person
  • Steamed white rice
    360JPY per person

Price Guide

9,600JPY Per Person. Minimum spend of 57,600JPY (Includes 10% consumption tax and excludes 10% service charge).

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