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Choose from Niseko Gourmet's sushi bento box Workshop or Japanese Home Dinner Workshop.  Workshops are instructed by home cook Yoko Shinagawa or sushi master Kamada San and are held in the Niseko Gourmet studio where participants prepare, plate and arrange, and then partake in a full meal together.  At the conclusion of the course participants will be given a recipe folder including all recipes from the Niseko Gourmet cooking workshops. Transfers between your accommodation and the cooking studio are included.

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Cooking workshops are held from 11am to 130pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and are instructed by sushi master Kamada San and Japanese home cook Yoko Shinagawa.

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The sushi class starts with the preparation of sushi rice under the instruction of sushi master Kamada San and translator Yoko Shinagawa.  To follow you will make dashimaki tamago (Japanese egg roll) and two kinds of nori maki including chicken with plum and shiso, and crab and cucumber.   

Kamada san will then demonstrate the filleting of a whole fish which you will use to make nigiri sushi, along with tuna mayo gunkan.

To finish you will prepare sumashijiru, a clear soup prepared from dashi and then partake in a meal together to enjoy your soup and sushi.

12500JPY per person


About Japanese Cooking Workshops

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Monday, Wednesday and Friday Cooking Workshops 

Choose from either course 1 - Sushi Bento Box Workshop ¥12,500 per person or course 2 - Japanese Home Dinner Workshop ¥8,900 per person



The Japanese home cooking dinner workshop includes the preparation of miso soup, tsukemono and the choice of one main dish and one side dish.

These dishes are typical to the Japanese home kitchen, and will provide an insight into the difference between red and white miso, how dashi is made and explanations on other simple Japanese ingredients.

Japanese home cooking dinner menu
Includes miso soup and tsukemono (Japanese pickles with original pickling recipe) plus your choice of one main dish and one side dish.