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Choose from Niseko Gourmet's Tempura and Sushi Workshop, Japanese Home Dinner Workshop or Okonomiyaki and Miso Soup.  Workshops are instructed by professional Chef Atomu San and are held in the Niseko Gourmet studio where participants prepare, plate and arrange, and then partake in a full meal together.  At the conclusion of the course participants will be given a recipe folder including all recipes from the Niseko Gourmet cooking workshops. Transfers between your accommodation and the cooking studio are included.

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Cooking workshops are held from 11am to 2pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and are instructed by professional chef Atomu San.

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The tempura and sushi class starts with the preparation of tempura batter, and making today's market fish tempura and two kinds of vegetable tempura.  To accompany you will prepare ten dashi and curry salt, the warm dipping sauce and flavoured salt for tempura.

To follow you will make dashimaki tamago (Japanese egg roll), sushi rice and four kinds of makisushi including chicken with plum and shiso, crab and cucumber, tuna mayonnaise and egg roll. 

To finish you will prepare sumashijiru, a clear soup prepared from dashi and then partake in a meal together to enjoy your soup, tempura and sushi.



Course Three - Okonomiyaki and Miso Soup

Okonomi means ‘as you like’ referring to the ingredients that are mixed with the batter to make this Japanese savoury pancake, okonomiyaki.

Said to have originated in Osaka, okonomiyaki can now be found all over Japan and is prepared and cooked in various styles.

In this cooking class you will prepare both Hokkaido style and Kansai style okonomiyaki.

To accompany you will prepare miso soup, and then partake in a full meal together.

About Japanese Cooking Workshops

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Monday, Wednesday and Friday Cooking Workshops ¥8,400 per person

Choose from the Tempura and Sushi Workshop (Course 1), the Japanese Home Dinner Workshop (Course 2) or the Okonomiyaki and Miso Soup Workshop (Course 3)



The Japanese home cooking dinner workshop includes the preparation of miso soup, tsukemono and the choice of one main dish and one side dish.

These dishes are typical to the Japanese home kitchen, and will provide an insight into the difference between red and white miso, how dashi is made and explanations on other simple Japanese ingredients.

Japanese home cooking dinner menu
Includes miso soup, rice and tsukemono (Japanese pickles with original pickling recipe) plus your choice of one main dish and one side dish.

Choose one main dish:

Nikujaga – Meat and potato stew
Niku tofu – Meat and tofu dish
Zangi – Hokkaido style fried chicken
Japanese humburg – Japanese style meat patty
Chan chan yaki – Salmon baked with vegetables
Market fish nitsuke – Fish cooked in Japanese broth

Choose one side dish

Nagaimo and cucumber sunomono
Nira no tam ago toji - leek with egg
Chawanmushi – steamed Japanese custard
Komatsuna no nibitashi – Green vegetables cooked in a Japanese stock
Shiraae – Vegetables in a silken tofu sauce
Agedashi tofu – fried tofu in stoc