Inhouse Dining

Niseko Gourmet's In House Dining offers Japanese or International Breakfast, Sushi and Sukiyaki or Shabu Shabu Dinners, a 7 course Japanese degustation, 5 course Japanese and International dinners catered in the comfort of your property. Wine has been matched to our menu by our Tokyo wine sommelier and is available for purchase by the bottle.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional requirements and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 48 hours notice is required for special dietary requirements.

Japanese Five Course Dinner Menu


Choose one dish from each starter, rice, meat, fish course and dessert. Please choose only one of each course per group reservation.

8400JPY Per Person (Includes 8% consumption tax and excludes 10% service charge)

Starter course
Kinpira renkon, sato imo, ingen no shiraae
Sauteed lotus root, taro, green beans with sesame tofu sauce

Hijikiri, Tako no kyuri no sunomono, Furofuki daikon
Hijiki seaweed, pickled cucumber and octopus, braised daikon

Kiriboshi daikon, Tako no sumisoae, Ageimo
Dried daikon, octopus in sour miso, Hokkaido potato dish

Hourensou gomaae, Mozukusu, Kabocha ni
Sesame spinach, sour seaweed, pumkin

Imomochi, kinpira, hourensou pinattsu
Hokkaido style potato cake, braised burdock root, spinach in peanut sauce

Rice course
Pressed sushi

Gomoku chirashizushi
Sashimi over rice

Taco rice (Okinawa)
Taco flavoured beef, lettuce, tomato and avocado over rice

Sansai Okowa
Mountain vegetables with mochi rice

Takikomi gohan
Rice steamed with dashi, soy and vegetables

Soboro don
Sweet and savoury chicken with egg over rice

Meat course
Crumbed pork with tonkatsu saice and miso sauce (Nagoya style)

Chicken nanban with taru taru sauce
Japanese spicy chicken with egg sauce

Buta no kakuni
Braised pork belly

Hokkaido zangi
Hokkaido style fried chicken

Gyubara miso nikomi
Beef braised in red miso, soy and mirin

Savoury pancake with pork and cabbage cooked on the teppan plate

Pork and cabbage dumplings (5 per person)

Beef and ebi hobayaki (add ¥1000)
Miso marinated Hokkaido wagyu apple beef and prawns cooked on the teppan plate 
Only beef add ¥1500

Fish course
Miso poched mackerel

Buri no teriyaki
Teriyaki yellow tail

Chan Chan Yaki
Hokkaido style salmon with vegetables and miso

Yaki Sanma
Saury baked in 

Tara no mushiyaki
Cod with soy butter sauce and vegetables

Hotate bata
Scallops sauteed in butter and soy sauce

Dessert course
Caramelised sweet potato

Kinako ice-cream and kuromitsu sauce
Soy bean ice-cream with brown sugar syrup

Macha Ice
Green tea ice-cream

Honey marinated red beans, green tea jelly and sticky rice cake

Macha Roll cake
Green tea cake with azuki ban cream

Sweet Azuki bean soup with mochi