Pork and chicken nabe

A nabe hot pot is perfect for the cold winter months to share gathered around the table with friends or family.  

Choose from pork or chicken, cooked in a konbu dashi stock with market fish (cod or salmon),  Chinese cabbage, chrysanthemum, leek, carrot, enoki, cotton tofu, tsumire, maloney and udon noodles. dashi and ponzu. 4000JPY per person plus 3000JPY delivery.  Includes rental of the nabe pot, gas stove and 1x gas which will be collected the following day.

The nabe comes with complete instructions supplied in English. 

Additional options are:
Premium wagyu beef 1800JPY/100g
High grade wagyu beef 1400JPY/100g

Whole snow crab 3000JPY
King crab leg 4 pieces 600g (S) 6000JPY, 800g (M) 8000JPY, 1kg (L) 10000JPY

Oysters in the shell 300JPY per piece
Clams – 180JPY per piece
Scallops 180JPY each
Shrimp  8 pieces 1200JPY
Additional tofu 200JPY per pack

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