Kushiage is the Japanese version of oil fondue and includes meat, fish or vegetables that are crumbed, skewered and then cooked in an oil fondue pot in the centre of the table.  Great for enjoying a casual evening with friends or family. 

Niseko Gourmet’s kushiage set includes one piece each per person of quail egg wrapped in bacon, chikuwa cheese, lotus root, prawn, scallop, yam, shitake, hanpen fish cake, onion, shiso steamed meat dumpling, okura or green pepper, cheese, pork fillet and wieners. 



Relax around the dining table with a teppanyaki iron grill plate and enjoy your choice of Hokkaido beef or pork cooked on the grill with fresh vegetables and noodles.


Teppayaki includes your choice of either 150g of thinly sliced Hokkaido Tokachi beef or Hokkaido pork per person cooked on a portable gas grill with potato, carrot, onion, bean sprouts, cabbage, shitake mushrooms, green peppers, shrimp and squid.


Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu

Perfect for a cozy night-in enjoy a Sukiyaki or Shabu shabu hot pot with family or friends. 


Sukiyaki includes 200g of thinly sliced Hokkaido Tokachi beef per person cooked in a sweet and salty stock with Chinese cabbage, chrysanthemum, leek, carrot, onion, enoki, shitake mushrooms, grilled tofu and udon noodles.  To accompany are fresh eggs for dipping sauce.


Christmas in Niseko

Relax in your property at Christmas time with a Christmas Hamper delivered to you by Niseko Gourmet.

The Menu
Turkey breast roll with pork sausage stuffing

Lemon and garlic asparagus
Potato and red onion gratin


Pork and chicken nabe

A nabe hot pot is perfect for the cold winter months to share gathered around the table with friends or family.  

Choose from pork or chicken, cooked in a konbu dashi stock with market fish (cod or salmon),  Chinese cabbage, chrysanthemum, leek, carrot, enoki, cotton tofu, tsumire, maloney and udon noodles. dashi and ponzu. 4000JPY per person plus 3000JPY delivery.  Includes rental of the nabe pot, gas stove and 1x gas which will be collected the following day.


Grocery Delivery

Niseko Gourmet offers a grocery delivery service with groceries delivered to your door at supermarket prices.

The total price of grocery delivery is charged at the purchase price of the supermarket items on the day of purchase and is subject to a 20% service fee plus a standard 5000JPY delivery fee.