Niseko Boutiques

At Niseko Boutiques our mission is to make your stay in Niseko special, different, effortless, and very personal. We believe in the luxury of choice, whether it be transfers to and from the ski lifts each day, poached or scrambled eggs, renting or buying skis, warmth by the fire or angels in the snow, dinner in or out, red or white wine, music or games. And we are here to deliver on your choices - just ask.

We believe we share the same vision as our clientele, to create a style of living in Niseko that is specialized and in a geographical location linked with nature, food, art and encounters with people.

Niseko Boutiques believes in personal living

Niseko Gourmet Chalets

Niseko Gourmet Chalets' rental properties are all located in the heart of the Niseko ski area - Hirafu-Niseko.  All  come with a dedicated staff including a cook and host, transportation to and from the ski lifts each day, ski rooms, complimentary Internet access, TVs, sound systems and other modern conveniences.

When choosing where to stay, the first consideration is size (chalets range in size from two to six bedrooms). There is the location.  It’s not a large village and all chalets have a private driver service and are in walking distance of restaurants, bars, onsens, ski lifts, but some are in private enclaves while others lie in the heart of the entertainment district.

Finally, there is the question of architectural style. Do you prefer Canadian style, modern geometric lines or the warm ambience of an entertainment house?

Looking through the collection you soon realise that, just like watches in a store, there may be many options, but only one that speaks to you. If you need guidance, our in resort specialists are ready to help.